Is Dating a Friend’s Ex Not Acceptable?

Do you think that dating a friend’s ex is unacceptable? For most conventional people, dating someone who has been a big part of your friend’s life is totally unacceptable. They say that friends should always have the decency to stay away from their ex boyfriend. Somehow, people have regarded this concept as an unspoken rule. Just because they too broke up with each other doesn’t mean you now have the right to flirt with your friend’s boyfriend. On the contrary, there are also other people who think that dating your friend’s ex boyfriend or girlfriend is totally fine so long you know your limitations. After all, getting into a lasting relationship is a trial and error in process. You might be with the wrong guy but who knows that the person could be your friend’s potential match. Remember that no one owns no one. You don’t exactly know who is destined for you not unless you give it a try. And it is only not your problem if the one destined for you was your friend’s ex boyfriend. What happened in the past should not stop you from being genuinely happy. What is important is that you are taking into consideration who is the right one for you. If you wish to be certain of your relationship, go and check a Find Love Post’s article on how to know if you are with the right person.

According to dating experts, it is not so much as to whether or not it is appropriate to date your friend’s ex boyfriend or girlfriend but is more of the compatibility of two people. Although you are already dating your friend’s ex boyfriend, things may seem inappropriate if you two push it even if you are not obviously compatible with each other. You see, in every relationship, compatibility is deemed to be very crucial. How do you think things will end up if you don’t seem to share common values? Do you think your relationship will last if you argue over trivial things most of the time? Truth is, dating and relationship experts could no longer stress enough the importance of compatibility in a relationship. Without this one important element, you might just end up being totally strangers to each other in the end. Discover the importance of compatibility in a relationship in an article from Find Love Post on partner compatibility.

Regardless if you are dating your friend’s ex boyfriend or not, it is very crucial that you get to know the other person better. Remember that successful relationships are founded on trust. Without trust, you might eventually find things falling apart simply because you don’t trust each other. Whatever the circumstance is, it is important that before you get involved in a relationship, you have spent a reasonable amount of time to get to know the other person better. Remember that getting to know the other person better should be the first step in building emotional connection with someone. It would be too unlikely if you get involved in a serious relationship without even knowing who the person really is. Find out the importance of getting to know someone better in an article that was recently published in this site: how to get to know a guy better.

If you wish to learn more about the norms on dating your friend’s ex boyfriend, go and check this interesting article.

Dating a Friend’s Ex

Dating a Friend’s Ex

Dating a Friend’s Ex

If you want to keep your friendship, the worst possible thing you can do is lie. For most people, when all is said and done, it will be more about how you handled the situation versus the situation itself. What won’t be excused is dishonesty — for example, making your friend believe it’s “nothing serious” when it really is, or lying about where you really were on Friday night when you bailed on that group dinner. ( by Huffingtonpost by Courtney Stovall)

Dating your friend’s ex may not be pretty acceptable for most people. They say that if you truly care for you friend, you wouldn’t try to hurt her by dating someone who has been a big part of her life. These people believe that their ex boyfriends are totally off limits when it comes to their friends. Apparently, they have considered this ethical decision very delicate. Why would you entertain the thoughts of dating your friend’s ex boyfriend if there are still other single men out there that you could go out on a date with? But then there are also those dating experts who find the issue unsubstantiated with valid and acceptable reasons. What is totally wrong with dating your friend’s ex? Does someone own someone? Below are some rules to follow when dating your friend’s ex boyfriend.

  • Tell your friend about it- Don’t ever try to hide this kind of thing to your friend. They say that decency is something you expect from the personal relationships you hold with your friends. If you really care for your friend, you wouldn’t want to her to be the last person to know. Telling your friend that you are dating her ex boyfriend is not asking permission instead it is making your friend feel that you can be totally honest with her.
  • Maintain your distance- Although you are very willing to tell your friend that you have been dating her ex boyfriend, it is important that you keep your distance from her. it doesn’t mean you would cut off the friendship but it only means you are giving each party some pretty good space. Not until both parties are comfortable with the situation, then you may start talking to your friend about dating his ex boyfriend.
  • Be completely honest- Being completely honest is something people expect from their friends. If your friend asks you if are already falling for the guy then don’t hesitate to tell the truth. Remember that honesty can strengthen relationships. There is nothing wrong with telling your friend the truth about how you really feel for her ex boyfriend. After all, past is already past and that all of you must now learn to live in the present.

Dating a friend’s ex boyfriend may probably cause trouble to your relationship. But then again, friendship should not stop you from finding genuine love and happiness in your life. It is never your fault if the guy that was destined for you has been your friend’s ex boyfriend. We just have to accept the fact that sometimes, love has its own way of making life more complicated and mysterious. Although you would never want to hurt your friend for dating her ex boyfriend, still the idea of dating the guy may cause complications in your friendship. At this point, you need to stay in between. Try to keep your distance and be completely honest to both parties.

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