Don’t be in Rush Instead Discover How to Know if You Are Ready for Love

Before you even get into something serious, why don’t you find out first how to know if you are ready for love? A lot of single individuals out there are in a rush to be in a relationship thinking that it’s all romance and sweet gestures. Well the truth is that relationships are not a bed of roses. In order to make your love last, you have to work hard to nurture not just the feeling but also the commitment both of you share. Being on that relationship entails trust and honesty. But if you are not willing to make halfway then I guess there is no room for you to fall in love with someone who is willing to risk everything.  Romantic relationship is always a shared commitment. I must say that is it is more of a partnership than just a casual connection between two people. Discover how you can stay faithful with your partner in a Find Love Post’s very inspiring article on how to stay committed in a relationship.

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Falling in Love is a Risk

While people get so obsessed in finding their perfect match, what they don’t know is that falling is love is a big risk. The truth is that you are not just risking your time but you are also putting at risk your emotions. How sure are you that the person you are attracted to is the right one? How certain are you that you can take care of someone else in your life? Are you emotionally ready? If you wish to make sure that you can now handle the responsibilities of being in a relationship, go and check a Find Love Post’s article on how to know if you are ready for a new relationship.

Below are signs that would tell you if you are ready for love.

  1. You won’t settle for conditional love
  2. You think of relationship as a want and not as a need
  3. You have called off the search
  4. You are over your last relationship
  5. You are willing to take a risk
  6. You feel whole
  7. You are open-minded
  8. You accept change and you are ready to grow

If you wish to get more inspired, go ahead and read this interesting article that talks about being ready to love.

How to Know if You Are Ready for Love

How to Know if You Are Ready for Love

How to Know if You Are Ready for Love

As someone who says “I love you” to a lot of people and who is driven by passion, I have started to think of all the times love and passion have led me the wrong way. I have let myself be duped into taking wrong paths by wrong people because I have convinced myself that my “passion” for these things or people is enough to make it work. There was a time when I was scared to let myself be vulnerable (trying to keep myself protected from being hurt again), and now I realize that’s not living — that’s fear. At the end of the day, hate is not the opposite of love. Hate is love gone wrong, but it is not the opposite. Fear is the opposite of love. Fear of the unknown, fear of paths not taken, fear of letting go and of starting anew.

I started realizing that vulnerability is powerful and crucial, but so is guarding your heart. This is a necessary balance. When you are ready for love, it is not about a person or a place or time; it is about you accepting that you are ready and putting it out into the world. Not being afraid to demand what you deserve, to go after what’s yours — love and passion should not be driving you, but they should be the fuel that is allowing you to drive.  ( by Huffington Post by Amanda Slavin)

Finding out how to know if you are ready for loveis indeed crucial before you jumping into a relationship. If you are not yet ready to invest some emotions, then falling in love is something you need to lay off. You see, being in a relationship is not just feeling giddy all the time. Remember that it always takes two to work on your relationship. If you are not willing to sacrifice then I guess being with someone is not yet the right thing to do. You have to feel complete without someone in your life before you can be on a relationship. Find out how you can meet the right person destined for you in an article that was also published in this site:

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