Discover What Men Want in a Relationship

A lot of girls out there are probably wondering what men want in a relationship. Many times, women say that men often confuse them because of the fact that they are unsure of what they are really looking for. In many instances, women have tried to please men only to realize in the end that things are not working out the way they want them to be. Women have been very friendly, approachable and forgiving but then sometimes, these traits are not just enough. It seems to them that men are looking for something more meaningful and intense. More than physical attraction, men could sometimes get more concentrated on building positive connection. Although it may take time for them to develop emotional connection with any woman, men indeed value attachment and connection more than anything else. Find out you can emotionally connect with the man you like in an article recently published in this site:

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What do Men Really Want from Women

Unlike women, men are not expressive with their emotions. As a matter of fact, speaking their minds is something they don’t do quite often. They would rather keep things to themselves and that includes the things they want in a relationship. More often than not, they wanted reassurance in their relationship. They are in constant search for trust, honesty and above, love from the partner. Discover how you can strengthen your relationship in an article from Find Love Post that talks about building trust.

Below are some of the things men are looking for in a relationship.

  1. Honest communication– In most cases, men are likely drawn to women who know how to answer questions honestly. Men, in general, want someone who confidently asks for her wants and needs to be met.
  2. Self-sufficient women– Although men need to love and attention from their partner, they want someone who still has her own separate identity. Men love women who are independent and active, someone who has her own interests.
  3. Someone who is committed- Fidelity is an absolute must for men. Men, in general, do want someone who can wholeheartedly commit to the relationship. Just as men value trust and honesty, they wanted a partner who is committed in keeping their relationship strong and happy.

If you wish to learn more about those things men want in relationship, go and check this featured article.

What Men Want in a Relationship

What Men Want in a Relationship

What Men Want in a Relationship

Showing respect to your man and what he does for you makes him feel like he’s doing something right. Even though it’s 2012, a man wants to feel like he’s providing for you in a masculine way. When you vocalize your respect for him, he’ll feel like he’s in a relationship that is worth his time.

Another “stealth” action you can take to give him that respect is to let him lead. Let him plan a special date, and don’t always be the one suggesting activities. When he does suggest an activity say “Yes!” without giving your “better” alternative. ( by Your Tango by Marni Battista)

Finding out what men want in a relationship may seem a bit confusing for most women. It is probably because of the fact that men are completely different from women. Although at one point, men and women can get along well, their desires, needs and even priorities are completely different from each other. While women could easily feel emotional attraction towards men, guys need time to develop positive connection. They need to feel reassured before they even commit in a relationship that their partner love them and trust them completely. If you wish to make him commit to you, then go ahead and read a Find Love Post’s very interesting article on ways to show your love for him.

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