Discover How to Approach Shy Men

How to Approach Shy Men

How to Approach Shy Men

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I’m pretty sure a lot of women out there would like to find out how to approach shy men. It is a fact that guys are the ones who usually make the first move when it comes to dating however this may not always be the case especially for those who are a bit shy in approaching women. Just like the rest of the guys out there, shy men do have feelings and are equally attracted to members of the opposite sex. But then most of the time, they tend to feel scared because of rejection. Now if you are someone who is attracted to a shy guy and is already tired of waiting for him to approach you, then maybe its time that you plan your next move. Remember that the most important thing is for you open up to him and help him attain the confidence he may need to express his feelings to you.

Shy men tend to lose all their confidence every time the idea of asking someone out on a date is brought up. That is why women are usually the ones who get into their knees and ask men out. But the truth is that, it is never easy to come up to the man you like and ask him out on a date. It takes a lot of courage and confidence for a girl to speak up her mind. Just like when you are introducing yourself to someone you are attracted to, there are also some rules when it comes to asking someone out. If you wish to learn the do’s and don’ts in asking a guy out on a date, read a Find Love Post’s very interesting article on how to ask a guy out.

Now that you have finally gotten the chance to get to know him better, you are now a step close to your main goal. You see, women should never expect shy men to show interest during the first date. In most cases, men would just simply go with the flow and subtly check if there is a connection between the two of you. And if things go well, then I guess you are being lucky in getting a second date with the guy you like. Discover how you could ask a guy out on a second date in an article recently published in this site:

Approaching Shy Guys

The truth is that, many girls out there find it very difficult to approach shy guys. But then, if you are totally into him, you really don’t have to wait until he finds the confidence to let you know how he feels. If he is not approaching you then maybe you can give off some subtle signs that you are also interested in getting to know him better. You see, dating shy guys should involve some nonverbal cues of attraction. You don’t necessarily have to utterly tell him that you like but you can always give off some subtle signs of interest. Find out how you can flirt around with men through the use of your body language in a Find Love Post’s article that talks about body language that attracts men.

To help you go through this whole thing, we have come up with a list of valuable tips that would help you approach shy men.

  1. Strike a conversation– Remember that shy men are less likely to start a conversation with a girl but this should not be an excuse not to approach them. If you are really interested in getting to know him better, you must be bold enough to approach him by all means. You can drag him into an issue and strike a conversation.
  2. Chat with him online– Chatting with a shy guy online is also one way to approach him. Put in mind that online world is anonymous and you can definitely talk to anyone you like without seeing them. Apart from that, you can also approach shy guys through social networking sites where he would most likely to open up to you.
  3. Ask him out– Another way of approaching a shy guy is inviting him over to your place or asking him out for dinner. You can perhaps take him to a place where both of you can be comfortable. You can use the opportunity to bring up topics or even ask questions about him.

If you wish to learn more about approaching shy men, you can go ahead and check this interesting YouTube video.

How to Approach Shy Men

When it comes to dating shy men, women should always be careful with their behavior and gestures. The last thing that you definitely want to do is to scare away the man you really like. You surely don’t want to come on too strong that is why it is important for you to observe the dos and don’ts in dating. With a shy guy, you just can’t simply bombard him with questions especially if he is not yet ready to open up to you. According to dating experts, it is always a step by step process when it comes to making a withdrawn individual to open up to you. So not to ruin your date especially if you are still on the getting-to-know each other stage, go and read an article about dating etiquette for women that was also published in this site.

Finding out how to approach shy men may not be as complicated as what most women think. If you are really interested in getting to know him better then I guess you have to find ways to let him at least that you like him. There is no point in flashing a fake personality because after all, what matters most is how genuine you are in dealing with him. While you try to show him what an amazing personality you got, you must also make feel comfortable when you are together. In approaching men, remember that the most important thing is confidence.

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