Knowing the One You Love is Crucial in Your Relationship

Needles to say, knowing the one you love is indeed necessary in keeping a strong and happy relationship. Before you can even build a long-term commitment, you should first take time to get to know each other and uncover those things you haven’t discovered yet during the dating stage. This usually happens during the first few years of your relationship. At this point in your life, you are still enjoying each other’s company as you gradually develop mutual respect and trust. Remember that in nurturing your relationship, you have to be consciously aware of your partner’s personality. You have to be completely aware of how he deals with issues in your relationship and how exactly he takes care of those crucial issues that seem to get in the way. Find out how you could get to know your boyfriend better in a Find Love Post’s article on getting to know a guy better.

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Getting to Know your Partner Better

In order to get to know your potential partner better, you have to spend some quality time as couple. Keeping a fresh start involves discovering something new from your partner every single day in your relationship. You might just get surprised to find out that even though you have been together for quite some time, there are still some things you don’t know about your partner. Find out if you are exactly with the right person in a right relationship by reading an article that was recently published in this site:

Below are tips on how you could get to know your partner better.

  1. Communicate everyday– Communication is the best way for you to discover things you haven’t uncovered yet during the early stage of your relationship. Talking about your career, your likes and preferences and of course your dreams will help you get to know your partner better.
  2. Get those regular dates– Even though you have been together quite long enough to say that you already know your partner, don’t dismiss the idea of regular dates. It is during these dates that you could both talk about anything under the sun. Spend some time together without taking for granted romantic gestures.
  3. Try doing something different– Try doing different stuffs for this will help you see how both of you respond to changes. If you are both introduced to various stuffs in your relationship, you could somehow determine the likelihood of a positive response.

If you wish to learn more about getting to know your partner better, here is an interesting article that you can read.

Knowing the One You Love

Knowing the One You Love

Knowing the One You Love

Oh, really now? Tell that to couples who operated like Georgia O’Keeffe and Gregory Bateson, or Joseph Campbell and his wife, Jean. In these exceptional cases and others I know personally, love was kept alive because it was treated as a verb, not a noun. True, it is rare for a marriage to transcend the pedestrian and arrive at the level of sacred marriage, in which a dimension beyond the mechanical is reached, and the mystery of life and love is explored together.

Expanding love gets down to appreciating that love must be current, electric, pulsating, fresh, flowing, spontaneous. Hard to have it this way when you believe you “know all” about that person who is “numero uno” in your heart. Self-limiting beliefs are the trains of thought that muffle the wisdom of the heart, yearning for exchange with others. All I know is that the nanosecond I believe I know “everything” about my husband or daughter, my grandbaby, or friend, then it is time past due for me to open up my thinking, clear away garbage like, “there’s nothing more to learn,” and become a willing student. ( by Huffington Post by Dr. Cara Barker)

Knowing the one you love is quite crucial during the early stage of your relationship. Before you can even take the whole thing into the next level, you have to make sure that you know exactly the person you are dealing with. It is not easy to find out in the end that you have been lied to. That is why getting to know the person better is quite necessary especially if you are considering a long term relationship with that person. Remember that in order for you to build a strong relationship, you have to be know who your partner really is. Discover more if you and your partner are compatible in so many ways in an article from Find Love Post that talks about partner compatibility.

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