How to Stay In Love at the Age of 80

Are you eager to find out how to stay in loveeven at an old age of 80? True enough, love is many splendored things. As a matter of fact, it can be both beautiful and painful. Most people want to be in love because it is one of the nicest feelings he or she could ever encounter. There are also people who desperately look for love knowing it would somehow complete their lives. But if you are already married, how you can keep the fire burning? How can you possibly stay in love every day of your lives? Find out how you can be happy with your partner in your relationship in an article that was also published in this site:

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Staying in love is a life-long commitment two people have for each other. Staying in love at the age of 80 entails understanding and truthfulness. It is all about enjoying each others’ companion without becoming too needy. It requires knowing how to listen and compromise. Perhaps, staying in love at the age is 80 would involve less physical affection and flirtation but then it shouldn’t stop anyone from keeping the fire burning. Discover how you can keep the love burning in a Find Love Post’s very inspiring article on ways to keep your relationship exciting.

If you wish to learn more about staying in love at an old age, go on and read this very inspiring article.

How to Stay In Love

How to Stay in Love

How to Stay in Love

Frisbee, 88, and Perkins, 87, will — not get married, they’ve each done that twice already — hold a commitment ceremony.

Friends are delighted, inspired even. Nancy and Paul Bragdon, a couple of married octogenarians, note with amusement that the event will be the first heterosexual commitment ceremony they will have attended.

Frisbee and Perkins report that when you fall in love in your 80s, you don’t have the heady feeling of passion you had at 16. “It’s more like you’re 21,” Perkins says. “‘Cause when you’re 16, you don’t have much sense. I appreciate his brains, and what he’s done for Portland and for Oregon.”  ( by Oregon live by Richard Read)

Do you feel the magic of love? Discover how to stay in love with the following tips.

  • Communication– Communicating effectively is one of the most effective ways to keep the fire burning. At an old age, companionship is what matters most. Sharing your views and opinions with each other will help you stay in touch. Find out how you can effectively keep the communication lines open a Find Love Post’s article on improving communication in relationships.
  • Surprises– Keep the magic in your relationship by giving each other regular surprises. You can take her out on a date or invite him or her to watch a movie.
  • Commitment– Bear in mind that staying in love at an old age requires commitment. You have to commit that you will love and cherish your partner all the days of your lives. You have to commit that you will be with her no matter what happens.

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