Find Out Who Should Text First: Guys or Girls?

Do you ever wonder who should text first? May it be a call or a simple text, who do you think should initiate the conversation? I guess you too are wondering who should make the first move when it comes to striking a conversation. Is it the guys or is it the girls? Either way, initiating a conversation with someone is not really an issue so long you do everything in moderation. If you are a girl and you really want to communicate with the guy you like, texting him first won’t be a big issue. Like what was previously mentioned, you just have to do it in moderation. It is totally understandable that you want your presence to be felt and that you want him to know that you care for him but then bombarding him with messages once in a while can be big turn off for most men. Now if you are a guy and you would like to know someone better, texting her first won’t make you feel inferior. It is important that you make her feel special even in your own little gesture.

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It is actually during the early stages of dating that we often struggle with the question of should I text him or her first. If we are deeply interested with someone especially if he has all the qualities we are looking for in a man, we tend to reach out and push things along. At this point, we don’t get to realize how important it is to make a positive impression with this guy. Now if we do things that would make us look desperate or needy, we might just scare guys away. So if you really want for that guy to go after you, check out a Find Love Post’s recently published article on how to make him chase you.

How to Text the Other Person

Whether you are a girl or a guy trying to reach out to the one person you care most, texting first won’t make you look desperate. What is important is that you are able to express your feelings in a way that the other person will appreciate. Don’t overdo it because it might just ruin your chance of getting to know the other person better. Now if you are girl trying to keep in touch with the guy you really like, it is important to put in mind that playing hard to get is sometimes the key to successfully attracting guy you are truly interested in.  If you really wish to attract someone, go ahead and check a recently published article in this site that talks about how to play hard to get:

Below are tips on how you can text the person you like.

  1. Be respectful– When texting the person you like, you have to be cautiously respectful. You have to make sure that you greet him or her first before you even initiate a conversation.
  2. Be interesting– Whenever you are conversing with someone through text, try to sound interesting. Avoid being personal by asking questions so many private questions. You can always make the conversation interesting by sharing things he or she is most likely interested in.
  3. Know your timing– Before you even initiate a conversation with the person you like, try to ask him or her first if she is busy with something else. Remember that she has also other priorities to take care of apart from answering someone’s question via text messaging.

If you wish to learn more about texting someone, go ahead and check this interesting article.

Who Should Text First

Who Should Text First

Who Should Text First

Don’t let a text message be a deal breaker in a new romantic situation.  Just as you wouldn’t text and drive, don’t text and decide. I see a lot of people making decisions about someone based on a few quick phrases dashed off and sent by text.  If you are confused about someone’s words, pick up the phone and call them. ( by Your Tango by Alison Robertson)

When texting guys, put in mind that responding back is totally fine especially if they were the ones who texted you first. Don’t think that initiating a conversation through text with someone you like is totally unacceptable. But then if you are girl trying to gauge if the man you are interested in is also attracted to you, then texting him first all the time won’t help you get the answers to all your questions. If you keep on texting him first then how would you know if he also likes you? If you really want to take this whole thing to the next level, go and read Find Love Post’s recently published article on how to make a guy text you first.

If you are really wondering whether or not you should text the other person first, well the answer is pretty obvious- It all depends on the situation. What if you met this wonderful guy, he gave you his number and asked you to call or text him. What would you do? Would you miss that chance? What if he is your perfect match? Well, there are probably a lot of reasons why you would hesitate to text him first. It could be that you don’t want to look cheap and aggressive or you are just too shy to initiate a conversation with him. Discover how you can strike a conversation with the man you like on Find Love Post’s recently published post on how to start a text conversation with a guy.

So, who should text first? This is one big question most single individuals would try to ask. Like what was said earlier, who should be texting first is not the issue here. It is actually how you do it and when you do it. Whether you are girl or a guy trying to build a connection with someone you are attracted to, you must also know the perfect time to send a text message. Never try to text the person everyday for this might cause you to sound a bit desperate and needy. Instead, what you need to do is make him or her miss your presence. If you wish to attract the person you like, you have to do everything in balance.

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